Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A few random thoughts to end this year

1. When I try my hardest not to wince, I always do. I don't know if this happens to others too.
2. There are some things I could have done differently in 2008, but if I had, would I really be better off?
3. I rediscovered my love for games - Lego, Battleships etc. Does that mean I am regressing?
4. On hearing a plan, a friend commented that I am just running away. How do you know if you are running away from something known or running towards something unknown?
5. 2008 was not that great for me, but I still loved it for I learnt so much about myself. So if 2009 is great, will I not learn anything at all?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ten Things to Eat Before I Leave Cal

Now that I am back home, I have thought of lots of things I have to do (EAT), but keep forgetting some, and keep adding others. Some here’s my Checklist.

Bhindi Fry – Just plain fried ladyfingers, because all you get in Mumbai is horrible Bhindi Masala that has more tomatoes and onions than ladyfingers!

Dal – all types other than Kaali Dal will do – especially Chholar Dal and Matar Dal.

Fish Fry – from the Bekti fillets one can only get in Calcutta!

Mutton Chop – less potatoes on the outside, more meat on the inside.

Shaakher Jhhol & Shukto – Classic Bengali veggie fare – delicious & nutritious.

Hot Phulkas – Have it served hot and fluffy, and burn my fingers while having them… Worth it!

Gajar ka Halwa – What is winter without having hot Halwa?

Chicken Stew – Ill man’s fare one may say, but the only chicken dish I’m prepared to eat at home. Overdose of chicken in Mumbai.

Veggies – lots and lots of vegetables – preferably boiled/steamed – weird for a very non-vegetarian person like me to complete my Top 10 like this, but not many veggies in my Mumbai diet, and this realization stems from seeing that there were more veggies on my plate of Steak than I have in a week!

Hopefully will have to post another checklist soon!