Monday, August 22, 2005

quizzes, kamla & soccer

what's the relation between the three? they all occur simaltaneously here.

5 quizzes in 5 days last week. the only day we didn't have one was 15th august.
kamla is a play by vijay tendulkar. IIMACTS presented that to the IIM-A audience on friday and saturday. i was helping with backstage and lights. the auditorium wasn't even half-full on friday. some 2s had a quiz at 9 pm, and an exam the next day. the 1s had operations and quant the next day, with the huge possibility of a quant quiz looming over their heads. so, nobody was interested in spending 2 hours in the audi.

we did have the quiz on saturday. not that studying a lot would have helped. the questions were conceptual, and personally, i figured out that my understanding of a sensitivity analysis report isn't good at all.
saturday audience for the play was good. the audi was full. even the team did a much better job. only 1 or 2 minor goof-ups!(on friday, the phone started ringing after a character disconnected it and was taking it away... that was fun!)

today is sunday- the day of rest? i was supposed to go for soccer practice at 8 in the morning. obviously, who wakes up at 8am, except the soccer captain, who was waiting in the ground with... the ball!
have an inter-section match at 6pm. i am in the team by default... because i am a bong!

i'll stop blogging now cos i'll miss lunch otherwise.

Friday, August 19, 2005

First Post

Today is going to be an interesting day. There is a probabilty of an Economics quiz for which everybody has studied. I can afford to be complacent because I am an Eco grad. The truth is that I have hardly studied anything that is in the course right now.
Studying Quant right now. Something related to primal-dual linear programs.
I'm very sleepy now, so I'll explain everything tomorrow, including the blog name.