Saturday, November 01, 2008

What am I font of?

Every time I want to post something, I get confused about what font to use. A preview generally helps about what may look good and readable. (This is Lucida Grande normal.)

But then, I publish it and see that the previous post is of a completely different font and probably looks better than what I just published. (This is Verdana normal.)

So, what better way to put this to rest than to actually writing something in different fonts. And this way I can use this post for future reference. (This is G
eorgia normal.)

I think I am inclined towards Georgia. There are two fonts I know I don't want to use - Times New Roman and Arial. Too normal and reminds me of office.

Even in office, I try and rebel and use Garamond, but there is no Garamond in the font drop-down menu here! (This is Trebuchet normal.)

Why am I so concerned about the fonts and their sizes? Shouldn't I concentrate on the content of this blog? Anyway, I don't know how many people read this, and I should actually try and improve my articles. (This is Courier normal - definitely not using this - reminds me of old typewriters!)

But sometimes I go to other blogs, and though the posts are really good, the readability is somewhat lacking. Nothing more irking than a font that is too small or just does not "do it for me". I know that sounds weird, but aesthetics do matter. (This must be irritating to whoever is reading this, but this is Webdings normal.)

I think I have my winner. So, the last but one thing I have to do is check what size to use - smallest, small, normal, large, largest.

So what is the last thing I have to do? Check how Georgia looks in Bold and Italics!

Now all I have to do is publish this and change my mind...