Saturday, January 31, 2009

A good start

2008 wasn't that great a year, but 2009 is off to a good start. One month down and life, though could have been better, isn't that bad.
Money-wise I have been a bit lucky, but I guess discounts (Big Retail is not doing so well) shouldn't count much.
Have been able to catch up with some good friends and enjoyed some long conversations after a long time.
At work, my role has changed, but the previous work continues. Plus a few more clients have been added to my portfolio. So, work is about 2.5 times of what it was in 2008, and some of it is terribly frustrating. But now I get to make some money for the bank directly (yes, even in this market!). Making money really feels good, but if more would come to me, it would feel so much better!
Bought corduroys for the first time (and as usual thought about the Emirates ad).
Tried out 2 new places already - Candies and Thai Baan - reviews in a later post hopefully.
Went to Theobroma and had Vodka Chilly Mousse Cake - again after a long time!

And I have also been able to write one blog post in January! (almost deleted this and that would have made a more interesting post!)