Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Luck by Chance - OK concept - not that great. Hrithik Roshan was hilarious, especially in the scene in front of the mirror. Rishi Kapoor was also very good in his role as the producer. But the best scene for me was Isha Sharvani seducing Farhan in the hotel. Just one word to describe the scene - WOW!

DevD - Loved it! Thought it was 20 minutes too long (but I think that about every Hindi movie), but everything else was great. The best of the Deols is doing really well with his unconventional roles and I really want to see his next movie. What I like best about the movie - the music. It is one delightfully long awesome music video!

Revolutionary Road - Absolutely brilliant. Don't know why Kate Winslet didn't get the Oscar for this one. Didn't go to the movie knowing much about it, and thought that the first half was a bit slow. Didn't really expect much from the second half, but it just blew my mind away. Lovely end to the movie with the estate agent's husband lowering the volume of his hearing aid.
My favourite scene was towards the end - the last breakfast. Felt really uneasy, and thought that if I were in Leo's place, I would have been shitting in my pants!

Seen a few movies, but nothing that makes me want to write about them. Didn't watch quite a few of the new releases, including Slumdog Millionaire, but didn't miss any.