Saturday, September 12, 2009

I feel small

I feel small

When I am unable to walk a few miles

When I see an animal with claws and fangs

When I can’t see the edge of the ocean

When I see the snow-capped mountains rising above me

I feel big

When I am able to travel hundreds of miles

When I see the animal with claws and fangs caged, and not able to hurt me

When I know there is no edge to the ocean

When I climb the mountains and see the valley below me

I feel small

When I travel in comfort, yet children walk miles in the sun to fetch water

When I see the animal caged

When though the ocean does not disturb me, and then I look up at the sky

When I see the valley and the mountains shredded and mutilated by me

(I never write anything that even resembles some form of poetry, but was thinking about how small physically I felt while taking the Bandra-Worli SeaLink one day as I saw the waves crashing. Another thing I am not comfortable with this piece is the punctuation - there are no full stops!)

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