Friday, September 11, 2009

Thoughts on a train

Why does the train always speed up when they are serving tea?
Never been able to decide whether I should wait for soup to arrive before I smother the breadsticks with butter and gobble them up.
What's up with the veggie soup? What happened to good ol' tomato?
Why have they stopped serving dahi in the mitti ka kulhad? Has Mamati-di got something to do with the removal of anything that could be remotely linked to a Lalu legacy?
They have also discontinued Non-veg continental! Noooo...
But the dal was not oily and very tasty.
Why do people sleep so early?
Bed-time music is the Rajdhani Snorchestra!
It's pitch dark outside.
Wonder where we have stopped now... Feel like having some tea in a mitti ka kulhad...

(thoughts while travelling from Mumbai to Delhi on the Rajdhani Express yesterday around 1045pm)

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